Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making money online? Let me count the ways.

Here's an update on my "is making money online really possible?" experiment.

Owning a website that will make you long term stable income isn't something that you can do overnight. So any time you see the terms "get rich" and "fast" or "easy" all in the same title, be weary. Because a good honest living online I believe does exist (we will see by the end of this experiment), but it takes good honest work yo accomplish it.

Now as promised I said I would share with you the sources from which I was gaining my kowledge about earning money online. So here it is: Now since I am posting this from my mobil phone I'm not really sure how to hyperlink that address. When I get back to my pc (yeah sorry macs, I'm a pc, although if I could afford a mac I would be delighted to try) I will add in the links from her page that discuss exactly the same things that I read just a short time ago.

So she (by she I mean Lisa the owner of will stress to you the importance of preliminary planning. Don't just go out and purchase a domain and a host and throw up a website because you will end up watching your site sit there a d get maybe a visit or two from you're facebook page.

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. I will discuss more of those things in my next update (I haven't decided between a video update or another blog post. What do you suggest?). Anywho... Here is the message I really want to get across.


Whew, that was a mouth full. What I mean is, there are tons of different ways to earn a living online. You don't even need a website for a lot of those ways. Now I'll be honest I haven't done a whole lot of research on this topic because I already know what I want to do to create online cash flow. But I did find an article that seemed fairly comprehensive and useful. It's entitled 101 ways to make money online. Here's the link:

What method did I choose and why?

Well I would again have to acredit this one to Lisa back at I was obviously searching for more information on how to earn online money. I was actually exploring the idea of online resale. You know, purchasing quality items in bulk or at discount and reselling for profit. But I didn't want to deal with the merchandise and packing and shipping... Didn't sound like fun for me.

But then I found a YouTube video about an affiliate marketing company called clickbank. I was interested so I searched more on the subject and came across Lisa's YouTube video where she talked about clickbank and her other successes. Well from there I suppose the rest is history as they say.

I found her to be very honest and down to earth. I decided that I wanted to use her as my guide. So I chose affiliate marketing and possibly PPC ads as my two main sources of income. (more on what these are in my next post. Or check out lisa's videos and websites for a great explanation.)

So there you have it. My method for earning money online is affiliate marketing and PPC ads.

Next post (I think I decided to do a video next time) I will discuss more about what it takes to be successful with these methods. I will also discuss my next step which is decide a topic or niche to concentrate on.

So subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my blog to find out if an average Joe like me can go from knowing nothing on the subject to earning a living online.

I believe that I can do it and I know that YOU CAN TOO!


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